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New News-section


Have a sneak-peek at our experimental News-section:


Digitour & Updates


The Digitour went great for Christina. Check our YouTube channel for videos of some of the performances. Appologies again for not updating regularly a.t.m., regular updates will be back some time in June.

Selena Gomez Summer Tour 2011


Christina will be a part of Selena Gomez Summer Tour 2011 around the USA & Canada. Tickets can be purchased from Selena Gomez Tourpage.



Appologies for not posting regular news updates at the moment. We're working on a bigger site update and will be back with a completely new site some time in the future.
Check out Christina's Facebook to stay updated.

MyYouTube Competition (4)


After posting she had won the MyYouTube competetion yesterday, Christina today corrected that the contest will only end at Feb 7th.

Record Label Meetings? (2)


Christina confirmed going to record label meetings in LA: before i sing i think i'm gonna say "Hey guys, i'm gonna be singing...(blank).....hope you like it" ^.^. Afterwards, she posted: Label meetings went well, GAH i love to sing ^.^.

Billboard article


Billboard.biz posted an article about the Social 50, mentioning Christina Grimmie.

500,000 subscribers


Christina reached 500,000 subscribers to her YouTube account, and posted a video: thanking my awesome subscribers.

Record Label Meetings? (1)


According to The Marlton Sun, Christina Grimmie is leaving for Los Angeles this week to audition for several record companies (...) including Sony Music, Mercury, Hollywood Music and others.

Above All That Is Random 2


Christina announced, she is making the much anticipated Above All That Is Random 2. It'll be up in a few days, no worries..

Christina Aguilera contest


Christina posted that today she would find out who won the Christina Aguilera karaoke contest. Unfortunately, there have not been any follow-up posts.

New Years!


Christina wishes everybody an absolutely awesome new years. She was with my 3 best buds tonight, including my brother. On New Years, they usually dress up ridiculously and run outside and scream like idiots. This time however, Christina and Sarah run out, and slip on ice. Fortunately, they were ok: HAPPY NEW YEAR ! :D

Merry Christmas!


Christina wishes everybody a Merry Christmas! She got the OCARINA from Zelda: Ocarina of Time and an HD flip looking camera that unfortunately isn't compatible with my Mac.... However, she hopes: Well...let's hope I can get a nice HD camera soon !

Christmas Video (2)


As promised, Christina uploaded her Christmas-video to YouTube. It is a cover of All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. Her fan hiplis1 gave a very good description of the video: in some countries its illegal to be this good..

Christmas Video (1)


Christina announced that she will be uploading a Christmas video on Christmas Eve! Above this section, we have already posted two of Christina's earlier Christmas-songs for you. One with her friend Sarah, and one from 2009.

MyYouTube Competition (3)


Christina is currently in the Top 5. She commented: I'm beating Justin Bieber :O and asked her fans please continue to vote for me, yu guys have been AWWESOME ! :D.

Interview The Star Scoop


Christina gave an interview for The Star Scoop.



After she initially had to postpone it due to vocal rest, Christina finally uploaded her cover of the long time requested "Grenade by Bruno Mars", seriously my favorite song in the world right now.

Interview A-List Music Promotions


Christina gave an interview for A-List Music Promotions.

Christina Aguilera's Birthday


It's Christina Aguilera's birthday and Christina Grimmie commented: Happy Birthday CHRISTINA AGUILERA!!! ? :D

Jingle Ball 2010 Tour (3)


Christina continued to be a backup singer for Selena Gomez and The Scene in the Jingle Ball 2010 Tour. Another station has been Z100's Jingle Ball 2010 held at Madison Square Garden on Friday, Dec 10 in New York City.

MyYouTube Competition (2)


Christina is taking part in the MyYouTube Competition that started on Dec 8th. You can vote for her by subscribing to her channel, to her recommended channels, and by telling your friends on Facebook and Twitter about it.
Together I think we can win this, guys! ♥ Christina

Jingle Ball 2010 Tour (2)


So the rumor is true. Christina has been acting as a background singer for Selena Gomez and The Scene at KIIS-FM's Jingle Ball 2010 concert held at the Nokia Theater L.A. on Sunday, December 5. They performed alongside stars like Katy Perry, B.o.B and many others.

Jingle Ball 2010 Tour (1)


A short while ago, Christina posted an update that disappeared shortly afterwards. It went along the lines of: Okay so i've been a backup singer for Selena Gomez for the Jingle Ball 2010 Tour, i wanted to keep it quiet for a while.

MyYouTube Competition (1)


Christina Grimmie and Selena Gomez have been posting and taking back status-updates about the My YouTube Contest starting on Dec 8th. Apparently, once the contest has started, one will be asked to subscribe to their recommended channels. More details will follow.

Top Social 50 on Billboard.com


Christina Grimmie made it to #15 in Billboard.com's Social 50. Social 50 is a ranking of the most active artists on the world's leading social networking sites. Beating artists like Beyonce, 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake, Christina commented woww thank you guys for your support !!. Selena Gomez got placed #40.

Another producer


Christina has been working with another producer. The night before, she stayed up late writing lyrics. Christina commented: reeeeaally psyched to work with him today!

Two weeks in California


Christina announced that she will be in California for two weeks and therefore most likely won't be able to post a video. She also reminded her fans: Just remember i love you all and all your support.

Happy Thanksgiving & Fanart


Christina wishes all her fans a Happy Thanksgiving: Have a great Thanksgiving, guys ! :D. She uploaded a video of her talking about five things she is thankful for, including some randomly chosen fanart at the end.

Zelda, CoD and old videos


Besides her all-time favorite Zelda, Christina appears to enjoy Call of Duty more and more. Apart from that, she has been watching many old childhood-videos. She commented GEEZ i don't even look like me! and asked fans for song-requests.

Christina, Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider


Christina Grimmie did a duet with fellow YouTube-singer Sam Tsui. Their cover of Just A Dream by Nelly was prodocued by Kurt Hugo Schneider. Christina said about the video: It sounds AMAZING and a lot of you have been asking if we'd do a duet. About her collegues she said: i LOVE them both, had a great time making this with them !

VOTE for Christina's karaoke (3)


Christina Grimmie has submitted a second recording for Christina Aguilera's karaoke-contest. If you enjoyed Christina's performances, then please vote for her!

VOTE for Christina's karaoke (2)


Clarifications: Christina Grimmie's entry/recording can be viewed internationally. To vote, you need to be signed-in to your MySpace-account. You can vote multiple times.

VOTE for Christina's karaoke (1)


Christina Grimmie has always been a huge fan of Christina Aguilera. With CA's current karaoke-contest, CG might finally get the chance to meet her. The contest has been launched on MySapce last Tue, and will run until Nov 23rd.

Christina Aguilera's Karaoke-contest


Christina Grimmie has decided to enter Christina Aguilera's current karaoke-contest. In her latest video, she explained: You have to sing a song, and then submit it, and whoever wins gets to meet [Christina Aguilera]!

100,000 Facebook fans


Christina has just reached 100,000 fans on facebook!. And thanked all of them for their support. It have been less than six months, since Christina joined the world's most popular social networking site.

Christina's UNICEF live-performance


We have uploaded a video of Christina performing her three songs Advice, Unforgivable and Liar Liar live at Selena Gomez UNICEF charity concert on Oct 26 at The Roxy in LA.

Christina opens UNICEF-concert


Christina Grimmie has been opening for Selena Gomez at her UNICEF charity concert on Oct 26 at The Roxy in LA. It was streaming live on UStream.

California and another game-video


Christina will be up in California for Selena Gomez' charity concert the next week, so there might not be a video this Thursday. Additionally, she revealed plans for another videogame-video which will involve Sonic, Mario and Zelda.

Christina wants fans in her videos (2)


Christina is still looking for ideas to incorporate my fans in my videos. Everybody is invited to make suggestions!

Twilight Princess


Today, Christina beat Twilight Princess (from Nintendo's videogame-series The Legend of Zelda) for the second time. She seemed to be sad about not having more time for it.

The Jam Session


Christina's friend Sarah (YouTube-username Happlesful) uploaded a video of Christina and her at The Jam Session.

Christina prefers just singing


In her latest Spotlight Q&A - 4, Christina revealed that she prefers just singing over singing and playing the piano at the same time.

Christina wants fans in her videos (1)


Christina announced, that she would like to incorporate her fans in a video. Everybody is invited to send video reponses to Christina.

Ticket-sales for UNICEF-concert


Selena Gomez' UNICEF charity concert on Oct 26 will be opened by Christina Grimmie. Today, Christina uploaded a video with infos about the ticket-sales. She emphasized, that it would mean a lot to her to meet some of her fans.

Christina at UNICEF-concert


Earlier, we reported about rumors (see Sep. 9, Sep 21). Now it is official: Christina will be performing 3 of her own songs at Selena Gomez' UNICEF charity concert on Oct 26 at The Roxy in LA. It will be streaming live on UStream.

Radio-interview on Y106.9


Christina gave a telephone-interview for radio Y106.9's YouTube Celeb Interviews. Since her fanbase overloaded the servers, some people couldn't listen live. So they uploaded a podcast. We made it available via YouTube for you:

Spotlight Q&A-series


Christina's fans have always been curious, asking her lots of questions. From nowon, she is answering some of them in Facebook-videos: Everyday (or every other day) i want to post a short video of me just answering a question or two. or three :D.

Hoodies, dark rooms and the Ocarina


Much-anticipated, Christina finally released her Zelda music-video. She took the song Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of Time and put it behind some of today's music. Plain awesome.

Thursday is video-day


Facebook-exclusively, Christina announced: I'm going to try to post a video every thursday. She added, she loves the tribute-videos for her: thank you so much. It means so much to me.

Chipmunk Cheeks


Christina released a video for her Facebook-fans only. It shows her sleepy, not feeling very well. Get better soon!
We're the chipmunks, Coming on stronger than ever before,
We're the chipmunks, Christina, Simon, Theodore

Surgeon gets surgery (2)


This morning, Christina had to get surgery. All of her wisdom teeth were removed, they were impacted. Christina's mom commented, that everything went well and that Christina is home resting.

Selena's playlist feat. Box of Pocky


Selena Gomez chose Box of Pocky by Christina Grimmie for her YouTube Celebrity Playlist, featuring some of her favorite YouTube videos.

Surgeon gets surgery (1)


Tomorrow morning, Christina will have surgery to get her wisdom teeth out. Positive that Jesus would help her, she seemed alright the night before: I'm good, just gettin surgery.

Christina opening Selena's concert?


Selena Gomez is giving a charity-concert on Oct 27th (will be available on YouTube). Since Christina recently named this date in her deleted I'll be opening for Selena Gomez-post, we are now curious whether or not Christina will open.

Christina working on debut album


According to POPSTAR! Magazine, Christina is hard at work on her debut album and well on her way to becoming a star.

Christina talks to PopstarMagazine


Christina told POPSTAR! Magazine what she doesn't understand about guys, and that she never takes a ride in a car without a certain company's music-player.

Christina starts Homeschool


On Sep 20, Christina Grimmie started homeschool (legal alternative to public schools). This includes waking up at 7:30 and math again. And the good news? Christina enjoyed it!

Selena & Christina matching clothes


Selena Gomez and Christina Grimmie both have been spotted wearing the <3 less than three-shirt. Basically, this is a funny shirt about the symbol . Christina's shirt has been given to her by Selena!

Christina skating w. homeschool-kids


Christina went roller skating (...) with a bunch of other homeskewled people and met a couple people that knew [her] from youtube!.

Christina links to removed video


Christina posted a link to a removed video on her twitter. Target/error-page: This video has either been removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings. We are curious now, what has the video been about?

Selena & Christina share FB-status


Selena Gomez' Facebook-status: Chrisitna Grimmie says: I am sick. My throat kills. So no singing today... "A day without singing is like a year without raaaaainn........" -_-' What is your "A Year Without Rain?".

300,000 subscribers for Christina


On Sep 14, at 18:57 (Eastern Time), Christina Grimmie reached 300,000 subscribers to her YouTube-channel zeldaxlove64. See the sub-counter changing in our video.

Christina "The Surgeon" on twitter


With the words hey guys! you might know me as a singer, but guess what? I'm a surgeon now!!, Christina started a new twitter as an addition to a friend's latest video (see below).

Christina "The Surgeon"-video


Christina's friend xDressagestaRx uploaded a video entitled Christina "The Surgeon" Grimmie, Buddy18, and Don Humphry Charles Fernandez Jenkins', featuring Christina Grimmie.

Christina mixing Zelda with Aguilera


Christina has been working on a new video for some time. It will involve both Zelda and current music, and hopefully will be released shortly after her duet with Alex Goot.

Christina dueting with Alex Goot


Christina announced that her next YouTube-video will be a duet with her and fellow YouTuber Alex Goot.

Christina sings Selena's new single


Christina Grimmie sung A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez for her latest YouTube-video. It is Selena's new single which had just been released on Sep 7.

Christina opening for Selena Gomez


Christina Grimmie announced, she would be opening for Selena Gomez on October 27th. She added, the event would be streaming live on the internet. Surprisingly, it is not listed in Selena's official dates. Furthermore, Christina's post has been deleted.

Christina on family vacation


Christina went to Avalon, NJ for a few days' family trip. Besides practising a new song for YouTube, she has been playing ZELDA on her GameCube.

Christina gets new Apple


Yet another Apple-product for Christina. This time, she got a MacBook Pro.

Christina back home


Christina is back home in New Jersey with her family. Ending her trip to California, she uploaded about 30 photos.

Christina in national commercial


Selena Gomez' Dream Out Loud: Fall Back-to-School commercial for her K-Mart clothing-line aired nationwide, starring Christina Grimmie as an extra!

Christina photoshoots for demo


Christina plans to do a demo, for which she did a photoshoot in California.

Christina gives radio-interview


Christina Grimmie gave a telephone-interview for Zang Radio (Goom Radio) with fans calling in.

Christina gives magazine-interview


Christina Grimmmie gave an interview for Tiger Beat Magazine. She is featured in next month's issue.

Christina records with producer


Christina got to record a song with producer Ethan Roberts, the lead guitarist in Selena Gomez' band.

Christina at Teen Choice Awards '10


Christina Grimmie went to the 2010 TCAs with Selena Gomez, walked red carpet and got interviewed by What the Buck Show.

Selena & Christina at the Mall


Selena Gomez, her family, friends and Christina Grimmie have been shopping at the Westfield Mall in Sherman Oaks.

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