Helping out / Contributing

We're always looking for reliable Christina-fans who want to contribute something or help out with the page more generally.

Helping out with particular infos & content

You can contribute whatever you like, for example infos or content for our Christina-Bio, Christina-FAQ etc. If you got some great design-idea or graphic-element for the page, please tell us about that, too!

Helping out more generally

We are currently looking for:

  • News-Editors (to write regular News-Updates about Christina)
  • Forum-Moderators (to check what's going on in our Forums)
You are interested? Then please continue reading with the next paragraphs...

Contact us

If you seriously consider helping out, please contact us for further details as described below.

Contributing a particular content

If you want to contribute a particular content (e.g. a question + answer for the Christina-FAQ), feel free to directly send us your content.

Please note that we cannot accept any content without a proper source-reference!!! There are many people who claim to know or even be Christina, and some of them propagate fictitious information. Always include a proper source-reference!

Helping out in general

If you want to help out more generally, please contact us, including some lines about yourself and about what you would like to contribute to the page (e.g. regular News-Updates). If you have drawn a picture, made a fan-video, have got a fan-channel, a fan-webiste or anything similar, please tell us about that, too!

Thank you all. Your help is greatly appreciated.    ♥

PS: Credit will of course be given.