Timeline: What happened so far for Christina ...

It is Christina's big dream to become a singer and tour around the world. Behind the scenes, she is working very hard for this dream - and for her future career - to come true.

This section is an attempt to track Christina's progress, as she advances in the music-biz. Included are some of the most important steps in her life and YouTube-career!

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The future looks bright for YouTube-sensation Christina Grimmie. But only God knows what will happen next.


If you ask her fans, then one voice is louder than all the others:

Christina should be famous!

2010 (late)

Christina starts to interact with Selena Gomez. More privately, Christina gets homeschooled.

  1. Duet: Christina & Alex Goot
    Christina records a cover with fellow YouTube-musician Alex Goot. Afterwards, she suggests this might have been the last cover she will ever do.
  2. Interview Popstar Magazine
    Christina gives an interview (including two short answer-videos) for POPSTAR! Magazine. The online-article reveals, that Christina is hard at work on her debut album.
  3. Homeschool starts
    Christina starts homeschool. In the US, this is a legal alternative to public schools. After the first day, she says she enjoys it.
  4. Selena & Christina interacting

    First interactions between Christina and Selena Gomez:

    • Sep 09: Selena adds Box of Pockyto her YouTube Celebrity Playlist
    • Sep 10: Christina covers Selena's brand-new single
    • Sep 15: Both share their Facebook-status
    • Sep 18: Both have been matching clothes, wearing the <3 less than three-shirt
  5. 300,000 subscribers (YouTube)
    On Sep 14, at 18:57 (Eastern Time), Christina Grimmie reaches 300,000 subscribers to her YouTube-channel zeldaxlove64.
  6. Cover: Selena's new single
    Christina Grimmie covers A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez for her latest YouTube-video. It is Selena's new single which had just been released on Sep 7.

2010 (middle)

Christina meets Selena Gomez, spends her summer in California and gains first experience with the press.

  1. Commercial Dream-Out-Loud
    Selena Gomez' Dream-Out-Loud-commercial (for her K-Mart clothing-line) airs nationwide, starring Christina Grimmie as an extra.
  2. Interview Zang Radio
    Christina gives a telephone-interview for Zang Radio (Goom Radio). Fans are calling in.
  3. Interview Tiger Beat Magazine
    Christina gives an interview for Tiger Beat Magazine and is featured in the next month's issue.
  4. Producer Ethan Roberts
    Christina gets to record a song with producer Ethan Roberts, lead guitarist in Selena Gomez' band: Selena & The Scene.
  5. Interview What the Buck-show
    Christina is interviewed by Michael Buckley from What the Buck Show (Fox) at the Teen Choice Awards 2010.
  6. Teen Choice Awards 2010
    Christina attends the Teen Choice Awards 2010 with Selena Gomez!
  7. California & Selena Gomez
    Christina spends a month in California, where she meets Selena Gomez, takes part in a commercial, is taught by vocal coach Ron Anderson, and works on her music.

2010 (early)

Christina acquires her new management, gets prepared for her career and starts using social-media.

  1. Twitter
    Christina joins twitter: Hey guys ! I'm getting sick & tired of the imitations on Twitter. So i decided to make one so i can really get to know you guys! :D
  2. Career-preparations
    Christina announces, she is getting prepared for her future career, will be in a K-Mart commercial with Selena Gomez, and will be spending a month in California to learn new skills, search out record labels and meet a really big vocal coach.
  3. 200,000 subscribers (YouTube)
    On June 14, Christina Grimmie reaches 200,000 subscribers to her YouTube-channel zeldaxlove64.
  4. Facebook-page
    Christina announces, she can from nowon be found on her Facebook fan-page:
  5. Management-team
    Christina announces, she has acquired a new management- team and is looking forward to a very interesting summer with lots of exciting news.
  6. Miley Cyrus Medley
    Christina uploads her Miley Cyrus Medley, produced by Kurt Schneider. A fellow actor plays Christina's boyfriend (he is not her real boyfriend).
  7. Producer Kurt Schneider
    Christina works with producer Kurt Schneider. He comes up with a Miley Cyrus Medley which later on becomes very popular.
  8. Entry in Urban Dictionary

    Christina gets her own entry in the Urban Dictionary.

    Christina Grimmie:
    a very sexy youtube star. is amazing at the piano and has an amazing voice. very musically inclined. very passionate (...)

  9. 100,000 subscribers (YouTube)
    On March 2, Christina Grimmie reaches 100,000 subscribers to her YouTube-channel zeldaxlove64.


Christina creates the YouTube-channel zeldaxlove64 and uploads some of her most popular videos.

  1. Party in the USA (most views)
    August 12, 2009
    zeldaxlove64 uploads what will become her most viewed video. It is her third video on YouTube and today has >6,000,000 views:
  2. 1st video by zeldaxlove64
    July 17, 2009
    zeldaxlove64 uploads her first video to YouTube:
  3. zeldaxlove64 is created
    February 9, 2009
    Christina Grimmie sets up what will become her flagship and today has >300,000 subscribers. It's her YouTube-channel:


Christina gains first experience with YouTube. Together with her friend Moriah, she uploads her first videos.

  1. 1st video by pureXessence64
    November 7, 2008
    pureXessence64 upload their first video to YouTube. More videos follow shortly afterwards.
  2. pureXessence64: Christina & Mo
    November 6, 2008
    Christina Grimmie and Moriah Crosthwait set up the YouTube-channel pureXessence64 for their band Pure Essence.
  3. Funny from the beginning
    Christina Grimmie and Moriah Crosthwait make a funny surgery-video for Moriah's channel motorcrosproductions.

Early Years

A star is born, learns singing, piano-playing and many of the other skills that later on help her to achieve her goals.

  1. Friendships for life
    Christina meets some of the people that will always be on her site troughout her later life and career. Some of them she meets in school, some even before that.
  2. School starts
    2000 (approx.)
    School starts for Christina.
  3. Videogames are awesome
    With Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the N64, Christina's well-known love for Link and videogames in general begins.
  4. Songwriting begins
    Christina has been writing songs since [she] was 4 years old.
  5. Piano-playing begins
    Christina started playin around with the piano when she was about 4 years old. It started getting serious when she was about 10 years old.
  6. Singing begins
    Christina has been singing since/before [she] could talk. She says that she loves it so much and that it's definitely what she wants her career to be for the rest of her life.
  7. Christina Grimmie is born
    Christina Grimmie is born.